Bons Casino VIP & Loyalty Program

The essence of our Bons casino loyalty program is very simple: you play games and place bets, and your level grows from this. The more you gamble, the more benefits and prizes you get.

Multi-level VIP program at Indian Bons Casino

What Is a VIP Program?

Your current status depends on several factors. First, it depends on the amount of stakes in the current month, and the two months with the highest total stakes in the last 4 months. Please note that 100% of real money bets count, and only 10% of bonus money bets count.

In addition, your status is updated monthly and may be downgraded if the total bet amount is insufficient. You will have a whole month to return to your previous status or increase it. In addition, each gambler who has reached Gold status is assigned a personal VIP support agent.

About vip program at Bons casino

Money Back

Cashback is credited in the form of bonus money. Bons casino VIP gamblers get it for lost funds. The size of this bonus and the frequency of its issuance depend on your status.

Cashback is calculated using the following formula:

  • (total loss on casino games * cashback amount according to your status) +
  • (total amount of funds lost on sports betting * cashback amount according to your status) +
  • (total amount of money lost on bets Live dealers * cashback amount according to your status).

Simply put, you get a total cashback for losses in various categories of our gambling website. After the cashback is credited, it can be activated within 72 hours. Be careful, because if you do not activate it, the bonus will be reset.

Please note that in order to receive cashback, the gift receiving function must not be turned off, and a deposit may be required. Also, you will not be able to receive cashback if your account is temporarily or permanently blocked. To check the exact amount of accumulated cashback, go to your profile. Below we have provided a table with information regarding cashback in the Bons casino VIP program.

Cashback for Bons casino VIP gamblers

Level% Casino% Live Casino% SportsWagering RequirementsDeposit RequirementsFrequency of issue
Novice10%5%5%x6100% of cashbackonce per month
Regular10%5%5%x5100% of cashbackonce per month
Bronze10%6%5%x450% of cashbackonce per month
Silver12%7%6%x350% of cashbackonce per month
Gold14%8%7.5%x225% of cashbackonce per 2 weeks
Platinum16%9%10%x125% of cashbackonce per week
Ultimate20%10%12.5%x0Not requiredonce per week


During the game you accumulate rebate. It is calculated using the following formula: Rebate = ((bet amount in USD cents/100)*rebate coefficient according to your status)*game coefficient.

As a rule, the coefficients are distributed as follows:

  • Slot machines – 100%;
  • Live Casino – 10%;
  • Tables – 5%;
  • Sports – 500%.

Rebate is issued by Bons casino VIP players in the form of a no deposit bonus. The wagering requirements and other terms of this bonus are described in the table below. The maximum rebate amount is 1000 INR. If the accumulated amount is below the minimum, then it is carried over to the next period. If this amount does not reach the minimum within 6 months, then the rebate will expire. Also, the rebate does not include bets below 10 INR. We have provided additional information in the table below:

Discount for Bons casino VIP players

LevelRebate %Wagering RequirementsFrequency of issue
Novice0.05%x6once per month
Regular0.1%x5once per month
Bronze0.15%x4once per week
Silver0.17%x3once per week
Gold0.2%x2once per day

Points for status upgrade

In order to level up in the Bons casino VIP program, you need to place bets. Below we have given the amounts that you need to bet to increase your level in the form of a table:

LevelBets required

Place your bets and level up in Bons casino VIP program

How to participate in the program?

As we have already said, in order to take part in our program and level up in the Bons casino reward program, you need to place bets and play casino. The more you play on our gambling website, the higher your level becomes.

How to join the VIP program at Bons casino